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June 24 2017

water park construction
Tendency Corporation was founded in year 1994 and became the first overall provider of water amusement recreation area in China. We solely offer one-stop service, consists of water park investment preparing, design planning, equipments production, projects constructing, scenic trusted management and etc .
Because the company was founded 21 years back, we have completed the buildings of over 1, 000 water amusement projects, distribute all over 28 provinces as well as areas in China. Furthermore, our products are widely released to global areas, integrated East Europe, South America, Sydney, Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia and etc . The actual equipments developed by ourselves, such as water slides and influx machines steadily occupied the greatest market share in China.
water park construction
Pattern Corporation is the exclusive support supplier of several big water parks such as Chimelong Water Park and Zhuhai Dream Water City. All of us also own the first ISO9001 certificate in China's drinking water amusement industry, and became the actual council member of China Organization of Amusement Parks &attractions and also IAAPA. Innovation is the power of an enterprise, powered through endless creative spirit. Development Corporation continuously develops revolutionary products to satisfy customers' needs. We have developed hundreds of h2o amusement facilities with worldwide high-level technologies.
Trend Company possesses equipments with self-employed intellectual property rights along with national patents like watercannon slide and etc . Like a pioneer of China's normal water entertainment industry, Trend Organization is dedicating to enhance amusement value and charm with regard to water attractions, give waters parks with unique personality and cultural content. We are going to provide customers integrated system of world-class technologies in addition to design powers.
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